Voter Ballot

For Annual Election of Association Officers (2018)

In February 2019, Board members-elect will succeed to their respective Chicagoland Compliance Association Officers.

Nominees with their biographies are listed on the ballot below.

The Board of Directors encourages you to cast your vote for the current slate of candidates. To do so, please:

  • Mark the ballot below with your choice for each officer;
  • Enter your name, email address & name of Member Institution and click "Submit".

Only ballots received by voting members will be tabulated, one vote per member institution.

Ballots will be accepted until February 8, 2019.

The Chicagoland Compliance Association makes every attempt to slate strong candidates for each open position to ensure that our organization is able to serve the needs and meet the expectations of our members.

Thank you for your continued support of the Chicagoland Compliance Association.

The Board of Directors recommends the following persons to serve the Association in the coming year, subject to election by the General Membership. Only voting members may complete election ballots and only ballots received by voting members will be tabulated. One vote for each member institution, please. Please indicate your preference by marking the button preceding the candidate's name, or "write-in candidate" and insert the name desired.